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Academic Management

  • Daily working hours 06
  • Number of working days in a week 06
  • Number of working days in previous academic session 270
  • Average daily attendance during current session 95%
  • Programme wise result of students for last three years
    Sr. No. Programme Session 2013-14 Session 2014-15 Session 2015-16
    1 B.Ed. 63% 70% Result Awaited
    2 D.Ed. 85% 86% Result Awaited
  • Name and Address of Schools available for internship during the current session :
    1. Govt. aided schools (Rural)
      1. Govt. Primary School, V.P.O. Laloda, Tohana
      2. Govt. High School, V.P.O. Laloda, Tohana
      3. Govt. Primary School, V.P.O. Dangra, Tohana
      4. Govt. High School, V.P.O. Dangra, Tohana
      5. Govt. Primary School, V.P.O. Lohakhera, Tohana
      6. Govt. High School, V.P.O. Lohakhera, Tohana
      7. Govt. Primary School, V.P.O. Ratta Khera, Tohana
      8. Govt. High School, V.P.O. Ratta Khera, Tohana
    2. Private recognized Unaided Schools (Urban)
      1. Bajrang Model School, Tohana
      2. Model K.M. Sr.Sec. School, Tohana
  • Total number of internship days in the previous academic session _15 days (B.Ed.)_
  • _20 days (D.Ed.)_
    • Total no. of mentor teacher associated with the Internship programme ____04________
    • Did the Institute conduct orientation programme for the students before

    the commencement of internship? ____Yes­­_______

    • Did the Institute conduct the planning cum consultation meeting

    with the heads of the Internship Schools? ____Yes­­_______

    • Details of Internship
Sr.No.Name of the SchoolLocation (Rural/ Urban)Management (Govt./ Private/ AddedTotal no. of the students in the SchoolDistance from the TEINo. of Student teachers deputed for Internship
1Govt. High School, DangraRuralGovt.2003 km.12
2Govt. High School, LalodaRuralGovt.2152 km.12
3Govt. High School, Loha KheraRuralGovt.1404 km.12
4Govt. Primary School, Bhidai KheraRuralGovt.603km.10
  • Details of Academic Programmes like Conference, Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes organized during the previous academic session :


    1. A Conference on “Recycling” was held on dated 03/09/2015.
    2. A Conference on “Reproductive Health” was held on dated 15/01/2016.

    Seminars and Workshops

    1. A seminar on ‘Female Feticide’ was organized at College Campus.
    2. A seminar marking the importance of ‘Environment Preservation’ was organized.
    • A seminar on “Glimpses on different Childhoods in India “was organized.
    1. A seminar marking the role of “Education Thinkers who have had the most impact on me” was organized
    2. Workshop on “Best out of Waste Material” was held.
    3. Workshop on “First Aid Awareness” was held.
    • Workshop on “Preparation of Milk Products” was held.
    • Workshop on “First Aid Awareness” was held.
    1. Workshop on “Deconstructing the messages of advertising” was held.

    Training Programmes

    1. D.Ed. Internship Training Programme.
    2. Stitching & Embroidery Training Programme.
    • A three day Yoga Training Camp was held.

    Details of events/Celebrations organized during the previous academic session.

    1. Celebration of ‘Vikram Samvat’ on 08/04/2016
    2. Mahendi Competition was organized.
    • Sports Meet was organized
    1. Chart competition was held
    2. ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ Campaign was organized
    3. Doll Making Competition was organized
    • Chart Making Competition was held
    • Drama & One-act play was organized
    • One day trip to CRSU Jind to celebrate Yoga Day.

Director's Message

A really educated man with integrated personally is bound to be good and he enjoys unbounded capacity for doing well. His noble sentiments and his highly awakened intelligence bless him with a rare fervor which leads him on the path of virtue.
Mr. Vinod Bansal